Dr Robert J Joseph II, DPM uses new foot and ankle proedures and technology.

Your foot care is Dr Joseph's #1 priority! Dr Joseph is passionately dedicated to the care and treatment of one's feet as they are crucial in protecting overall health. He mastered the art and science of surgical podiatry, dedicating years to refining skills in foot and ankle reconstruction and surgery, and being at the forefront of new procedures and emerging technology.

Meet Dr Joseph

Dr Robert J Joseph II, DPM is a Southern California premier surgical podiatrist specializing in ankle sprain repair, plantar fasciitis, neuroma repair, hammer toe, and bunion correction.


Align the body

Protect from injury, accelerated joint damage, and stress fractures due to abnormal pressure

Preserve the back

Stride insoles have a metataral pad to stablize the foot, flatten hammertoe, and get the tension off the plantar fascia.

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Innovative and comfortable orthotic that are a pleasure to wear.

Gently reduce problems associated with pressure points, muscle strain, and abnormal forces on ankles, knees, hips and spine.

Relieves fatigue and pain, allowing you to enjoy daily activities comfortably.

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“Amazing. I was needing a new pair athletic shoes every month to keep up with my running. I am on month 3 of using Dr. Jay’s insoles with the same pair of shoes and feel incredible. I can run further and recovery time is minimal.

Whitney – 11/2022


German engineering and knitting technology

Premium elastic knitted ankle sleeve with anatomically aligned silicone inserts for targeted compressive support around the ankle joint.

For post-operative or post-traumatic use for chronic soft tissue inflammation, chronic instability sprains, moderate ligament injuries, recurrent swelling, and load-related pain in the foot and ankle.

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"Misalignments in foot position, posture, and gait can affect the entire body if left untreated, causing chronic back and neck pain ...as well as other common conditions." — Dr Joseph