According to Running Expert, Dr Robert J Joseph, DPM

We’ve researched and spoken to experts and runners alike to find the best cushioned running shoes for every run.

Interview with Dr Robert J Joseph ll, DPM:

There’s no feeling quite like the adrenaline of running — the wind rushing past you, your strides hitting the ground, blood pumping through your veins — but like any sport, you have to have the right equipment to succeed, or in this case, the right pair of shoes.

Since every runner has a slightly different gait, there are thousands of running shoes designed to keep you balanced when you run.

As a foot and ankle surgeon Podiatrist Robert J Joseph, DPM treats many runners in his practice.
A lot of runners have an uneven gait, and then twist their ankles, Dr Joseph tells PEOPLE. He says in many cases, this happens because one leg is longer than the other, and ends up compensating for the shorter one.

In order to correct this and prevent injuries, you have to look for ways to adjust the subtalar joint (where your heel bone connects to your tibia and fibula bones) to a neutral position (
more on this later).

Regardless of your gait or where you like to run — be it trails, roads, or even the beach — the right cushioned running shoe can make or break your running experience.

The 14 Best Cushioned Running Shoes of 2023, According to Running Experts"
By Madison Yauger, May 22, 2023 Interview with Dr Robert J Joseph DPM
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